Thursday, January 28, 2016

How i Organise my Goodreads Shelves.

Hi There Blogosphere,

So i've been spending some time recently organising my goodreads shelves. I've recently discovered that i can create more mutually exclusive shelves and i've become a bit obsessed. I don't know if anyone is going to be interested but i thought i would share how my shelves are being organised.

  • My Currently Reading and Read shelves remain the same, i think its pretty obvious what these shelves mean. 
  • Want To Read (To-Read) - So this shelf displays on Goodreads as To-Read. I wish i could change the name but this shelf has become the list of books that i want to buy. This means books that i don't own yet but i'm interested in reading. 
  • TBR-Owned-Books - This is the list of books that i currently own, but have yet to read. I wanted a better way to keep track of not only books i own by books that i still need to read in my personal collections.
  • DNF -  This is the last of my mutually exclusive shelves. It's probably fairly self explanatory but these are the books that i did not finish and have no plans of ever finishing. 
The rest of my bookshelves are, i think, fairly self explanatory. For example: Own, is simply the books that i physically own, and the years (2015, 2014 etc) represent the years that i read those books in. 

I'm not the great organization but hopefully i've got my goodreads in a place that is organised and if someone wants to browse my shelves this will help them out. 

Until Next Time
May the Odds be Ever in Your Favour. 

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